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2015-2016 School Year kicks off!

Magee High seniors paraded in style into Trojan Park and were greeted by the rest of the student body and Magee High School’s new Principal Pete Howell. Everyone commented “It is a great day to be a Trojan!” Day one was full of greatness at Magee Middle School as the day was filled with excited teachers, single-file lines, respectful students, quiet transitions and MMS family fun!  MMS is #GREATbyChoice! New Magee Elementary Principal Dr. Paul Lawrence had everyone and everything running smooth for the first day at Magee Elementary. Mendenhall Elementary and Principal Rhonda Berry reported a Fantastic Friday for the First Day of school with lots of new students registering. Mendenhall Junior High and Principal Kirby Craft glided through the first day with lots of cooperation from students, parents, and staff and had a good first day of school. Mendenhall High Principal Robert Sanders had it going on with students and staff starting the school year off right and Tiger Nation in full swing! Principal Sanders stated “we started strong and will finish strong!” At Simpson Central Dr. Roma Morris, Principal, and her staff were greeted by students so glad to be back in school one student even complained that summer was too long. At the Technical Center Dr. Bo Huffman and staff reported “so far, so good” for the first day of school and the Achievement Center and Principal Greg Paes reports everything “went fine”.

Well, summer is over and the students are back in school and the promise of 2015-2016 is off to a great start. Let’s keep it up with students meeting attendance goals and studying hard and teachers preparing and delivering exciting learning experiences for their classes. Everyone working together to help students reach their goal of DESTINATION: GRADUATION.


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