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Simpson County Eighth Graders score well on Mississippi Science Test

The MS Department of Education released the state Mississippi Science Test (MST2) scores for fifth and eighth grade students from 2015. The Simpson County School District fared well with the eighth grade students beating the state average of 150 by 2 points earning a 152 average score. The overall fifth grade average score of 148 was only 4 points behind the state average of 152.

Further analysis showed that 65% of eighth grade students in Simpson County scored advanced or proficient compared to only 56% of eighth graders statewide. Simpson County had 49% of fifth graders in the district score advanced or proficient compared to a statewide average of 62% of fifth graders. The breakdown by school revealed that Simpson Central beat the state averages at both fifth and eighth grade and Mendenhall Junior High also beat the state average in eighth grade. Superintendent Glenn Harris stated he was extremely proud of our eighth grade science students and would like to commend our middle school science teachers for a job well done!

The chart below shows the state, district, and school average scale scores and the percent of students who scored advanced or proficient on the state science test:


5th grade average scaled score

Percent of 5th grade students scoring advanced or proficient 8th grade average scaled score

Percent of 8th grade students scoring advanced or proficient

State of Mississippi

152 62% 150


Simpson County
School District


49% 152 65%

Magee Middle

146 39% 148


Mendenhall Junior High

146 42% 155


Simpson Central 157 84% 155



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