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DESTINATION GRADUATION will be held at Magee High School’s Trojan Field this year on Monday, October 12, 2015. Students and staff should arrive no later than 5:45 PM and be seated by class in the visitor bleachers. The general public and parents are invited to sit on the home side bleachers to enjoy the festivities which will begin at 6:00 PM.
Students will bust through banners at each goalpost as their class is announced. This is an exciting event with fun activities, music, and some special treats this year. The event is free and open to the public to come out to cheer on Simpson County students who desire to reach their DESTINATION: GRADUATION.

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2015-2016 School Year kicks off!

Magee High seniors paraded in style into Trojan Park and were greeted by the rest of the student body and Magee High School’s new Principal Pete Howell. Everyone commented “It is a great day to be a Trojan!” Day one was full of greatness at Magee Middle School as the day was filled with excited teachers, single-file lines, respectful students, quiet transitions and MMS family fun!  MMS is #GREATbyChoice! New Magee Elementary Principal Dr. Paul Lawrence had everyone and everything running smooth for the first day at Magee Elementary. Mendenhall Elementary and Principal Rhonda Berry reported a Fantastic Friday for the First Day of school with lots of new students registering. Mendenhall Junior High and Principal Kirby Craft glided through the first day with lots of cooperation from students, parents, and staff and had a good first day of school. Mendenhall High Principal Robert Sanders had it going on with students and staff starting the school year off right and Tiger Nation in full swing! Principal Sanders stated “we started strong and will finish strong!” At Simpson Central Dr. Roma Morris, Principal, and her staff were greeted by students so glad to be back in school one student even complained that summer was too long. At the Technical Center Dr. Bo Huffman and staff reported “so far, so good” for the first day of school and the Achievement Center and Principal Greg Paes reports everything “went fine”.

Well, summer is over and the students are back in school and the promise of 2015-2016 is off to a great start. Let’s keep it up with students meeting attendance goals and studying hard and teachers preparing and delivering exciting learning experiences for their classes. Everyone working together to help students reach their goal of DESTINATION: GRADUATION.

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School is out but, school meals are IN!!!

School may no longer be in session, but the cafeteria at Mendenhall Elementary School is still going strong. Each day June 1st through June 28th, free lunch is being served to all children aged 0 to 18.  The serving period is 11:00 to 12:30.

Yes, all children ages 0 to 18 are welcome. There are no restrictions on residency.

Some items on the menu are: Taco Salad, Spaghetti, Cheeseburgers, Corn Dog Nuggets, Beef Tips over Rice, Hamburger, Pizza, Ham & Cheese Hoagie, and Chili Pie.

Yum! Yum! Delicious and Nutritious!  Hope to see you at the Summer Food Service  Program at Mendenhall Elementary School!

If you have any questions regarding this program, feel free to call (601) 847-2883 or (601) 847-8000 ext: 325 or 310.

Have a great summer!

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Simpson County Eighth Graders score well on Mississippi Science Test

The MS Department of Education released the state Mississippi Science Test (MST2) scores for fifth and eighth grade students from 2015. The Simpson County School District fared well with the eighth grade students beating the state average of 150 by 2 points earning a 152 average score. The overall fifth grade average score of 148 was only 4 points behind the state average of 152.

Further analysis showed that 65% of eighth grade students in Simpson County scored advanced or proficient compared to only 56% of eighth graders statewide. Simpson County had 49% of fifth graders in the district score advanced or proficient compared to a statewide average of 62% of fifth graders. The breakdown by school revealed that Simpson Central beat the state averages at both fifth and eighth grade and Mendenhall Junior High also beat the state average in eighth grade. Superintendent Glenn Harris stated he was extremely proud of our eighth grade science students and would like to commend our middle school science teachers for a job well done!

The chart below shows the state, district, and school average scale scores and the percent of students who scored advanced or proficient on the state science test:


5th grade average scaled score

Percent of 5th grade students scoring advanced or proficient 8th grade average scaled score

Percent of 8th grade students scoring advanced or proficient

State of Mississippi

152 62% 150


Simpson County
School District


49% 152 65%

Magee Middle

146 39% 148


Mendenhall Junior High

146 42% 155


Simpson Central 157 84% 155


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Dr. Roma Morris, Administrator of the YearAdministrator of the Year for SCSD

Roma Windham Morris

Dr. Morris, Principal of Simpson Central School, was selected as the Administrator of the Year for the Simpson County School District by her administrative peers. Dr. Morris said, “It is an honor to be selected by my peers as the Administrator of the Year for the district, and I take much pride in being an effective principal for my students, for my teachers, and for my parents who expect the best for their child.  I believe that believing in your teachers and students is extremely important.  Forming relationships built on support, trust, encouragement, and honesty, as well as feeling comfortable sharing ideas with a sense of appreciation for everyone’s input is critical to taking steps forward within each school year.  Effective administrators have “hard calls” to make in ensuring the school year is successful/improving. Everyone must do their best for each child each day. When or if this does not happen, the administrator must take steps for effectiveness in the classroom to take place, speak with parents, and/or speak with the student. Everyone must be on board and working toward achievement and appropriate behaviors. Parental support is a huge piece of the success puzzle. Parents must know the school is offering their very best and that they are listened to when they have a concern. When parents support education, read daily with their child, ensure their child completes, understands, and turns in their homework, and keep in touch with the classroom teacher as to concerns and progress of their child throughout the school year, students are more likely to take their education seriously and do their best. Every area of the operations of a school must work together to create a good school year for all.” 

Dr. Morris has served Simpson Central School for the past three years.  During this time, Simpson Central has earned the highest level of accreditation by the State Department of Education, Level A Status. The school has also been awarded the Preps Award in English/Language Arts and Math for the past two years and also been awarded The Champions of Change Award for the past two years.  During these three years, the school has also created an archery team that has earned the State Championship Titles for all 3 years at both the elementary and middle school division.  Most recently 25 members of the Simpson Central Archery Team competed in Kentucky at the National Tournament.  Simpson Central came in 34th competing against 201 middle school teams. The school has also had teachers to volunteer to serve as sponsors for the new Tigerettes Dance Team. The Dance Team has performed in local parades and are looking for new ideas for next year. The school has also received the National Beta School of Distinction Award for the past 2 years. SCS has also been awarded the Fit Friendly School Gold Achievement Award from the American Heart Association. SCS has much to be proud of but Morris said, “Everyone has a job to do at SCS and everyone is responsible.  It shows in all that they do and I am so proud of the entire staff at SCS!”

Dr. Morris is a graduate of Jones County Junior College where she graduated with an Associates Degree in Elementary Education.  Continuing her education at the University of Southern Mississippi, Morris earned a B.S. degree in Elementary Education.  She continued on to William Carey University where she earned a double masters in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership.  Morris, later in 2003, pursued her doctorate degree from Mississippi State University and graduated in 2005, publishing her dissertation of a ten year data study on the effects of arts integration in elementary schools and earning a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.   Morris is in her twenty-fifth year in education serving as an administrator for the past twenty years. Prior to this, Morris taught fourth Grade at Magee Elementary, kindergarten and fourth grade at Simpson Central and fifth and sixth grades at Rawls Springs Elementary.  Morris has also worked six years teaching doctoral, specialist, and masters level classes for Delta State University.      

Dr. Morris is a life-long resident of Simpson County living in Magee.  She began first grade at Magee Elementary and graduated from Magee High School.  She has one daughter, Whitney Frasier, living in Alabama with her husband, Brett, and their two boys, James Fleet and Caleb.  Morris is the daughter of Doris Windham Smith and the late Romeo Raymond Windham.    

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Show your support for the Simpson County Technical Center…

The Simpson County Technical Center is seeking your support. If you have a Facebook account we need your vote for a video that we submitted to Delta Technical College to win a $10,000.00 grant award for our Metal Fabrication and Welding program. You can vote one time only but if you would also please pass this information on to your colleagues and friends we would greatly appreciate it.  If you do not have a Facebook account this would be a great reason to set one up.  Those of you who are willing to support this cause can get access to the Delta Technical College Facebook site by using the link below.

Thank you for your support.

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No school 5 Match 2015

Per deputy superintendent Debbie Davis we will not have school today due to the impending threat of winter weather.

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Literacy Based Promotion Act Regional Parent Meetings

Flyer for Parent Meetings Spring 2015

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Reading volunteers…

Reading volunteers

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